This FAQ page is specially designed to help you to understand a little more about the LutinX Project.
If you have more questions, feel free to contact us by email.


LutinX is a web platform that provides services oriented to protecting Intellectual Properties (IP) and Professionals’ Skills and Abilities. We are an International Web Platform working in more than 20 countries around the world, with a native KYC (Know Your Customer) interface, NO Need od Cryptocurrencies – we are AML Compliant – and more than 50 Blockchain applications fully available inside our different suite of licenses.

LutinX offers for Free a great number of services focused to promote human development worldwide including support for human rights compliance to the UN guidelines.
LutinX currently covers three main services:

LutinX IP – Intellectual Property: LutinX can be used by students, professors, artists, creatives, and anyone who wants to prove the existence of a file on a certain date. Both registered artists and non-registered artists of traditional collecting societies (such as the Italian SIAE, the German GEMA, etc.) can use the service: there are no incompatibilities in this regard, and LutinX registrations are verifiable worldwide without costs or special registrations on multiple websites.

LutinX DC – Digital Credentials: LutinX is focused on the issue of digital credentials for students and employees. Based on our patented technology we support Educational Institutions to issue their students proof of work for skills and certification processes. Moreover from 2019, we grant access to the same technologies to companies and business organizations to grant digital credentials to their employees powering their value-confirming skills and professional abilities.

LutinX ER – EdVerso Registry: LutinX, full compliance with the Edverso International Protocols, grants people to be present in our global system, with verified credentials, confirming Professional abilities. Inside the LutinX ER system, not only “classic” professionals can be found, like lawyers or doctors, but “not-recognized” professionals too, like e-commerce managers, counselors, chefs, stylists, and more. LutinX ER allows Employers, Institutions, and Organizations to verify people’s “words” and “papers”, increasing the value of new teams and promoting a real worldwide Skill Based System for the Job Market.
Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. An asset can be tangible (a house, car, cash, land) or intangible (intellectual property, patents, copyrights, branding). Blockchain is in its embryonic stage and has a lot of scope for evolution in the coming future; with the trend still undiscovered by many, one can find lesser competition in the field in terms of job opportunities Blockchain technology can be Public, Private, and Hybrid.

LutinX developed a Cross-Chain technology based on a hybrid model.

Know Your Customer (KYC) standards are designed to protect financial institutions against fraud, corruption, money laundering, and terrorist financing. KYC involves several steps to: establish customer identity; understand the nature of customers’ activities and qualify that the source of funds is legitimate; and.

LutinX choose to adopt KYC verification standards to let people from different countries work together and at the same time close the legal process associated with the different Blockchain Laws, including the verified identities.

A timestamp is a sequence of characters or encoded information identifying when a certain event occurred, usually giving a date and time of day, sometimes accurate to a small fraction of a second. Timestamps do not have to be based on some absolute notion of time, however. Digital Timestamp is when data is usually presented in a consistent format, allowing for easy comparison of two different records and tracking progress over time; the practice of recording timestamps consistently along with the actual data is called timestamping.

Every process in LutinX is based on timestamp processes marked with digital credentialing.


IP protection is instantaneous on the blockchain network, writing inside the hash your Verified Identity, the Fingerprint of the data, and course, the timestamp, which is legally valid by law. The author keeps all the rights on the deposited works, has no further obligations towards LutinX, and can use and promote its works as he/she prefers.

LutinX allows one to protect one’s creativity and publish or share it safely. The authors retain all rights on the work, with no constraints towards LutinX, and can decide how to share or publish their works. LutinX can be used by students, professors, musicians, photographers, writers, artists, choreographers, journalists, bloggers, researchers, designers, IT developers, and those who make derivative works, remixes, mash-ups, cut-outs or re-elaborations of public domain materials.
Yes. With LutinX it is possible to produce a proof of anteriority that allows one to demonstrate the authorship of a work. LutinX does not ask for any exclusivity on the works deposited and the authors are free to use the service even if they are registered with a traditional collecting agency. The deposit is made online and the proof generated is valid for a minimum of 20 years. LutinX is equivalent, in terms of legal validity, to the SIAE Deposit of Original Works and has no costs.

In summary, LutinX offers a service for the generation of proof of authorship that has the same legal value the as the one offered by Old traditional monopolistic authorities, but through a simpler way, with longer validity, a worldwide verification system, and no costs for the authors.
Yes, you can use LutinX services even if you are affiliated with a collecting society in your country.

In terms of royalties collection, LutinX is not equivalent to a collecting society, but we are working to be able to offer this service in 2023. Our service will be based on Smart Contracts with an automatic split of revenues between parties, authorized by the authors.
LutinX currently offers four main IP services:

LutinX IP – Intellectual Property: it is the main service, which allows you to associate a certain date to the existence of any digital document generating a proof of anteriority that allows you to have legally valid proof to prove you are the original author of the work.
LutinX can be used by students, professors, artists, creatives, and anyone who wants to prove the existence of a file on a certain date. Both registered artists and non-registered artists of traditional collecting societies (such as the Italian SIAE, the German GEMA, etc.) can use the service: there are no incompatibilities in this regard, and LutinX registrations are verifiable worldwide without costs or special registrations on multiple websites.

LutinX LS – Legal Support: We have multiple partnerships with lawyers and experts, who can offer you information and advice on copyright issues, in a quick, clear, and transparent way. The simplest consultations are in “fair pay”, and based on your need we’ll discuss the best consultancy with our legal experts. The most complicated consultations are offered at reduced rates, which we offer depending on the size of the intervention.

Lutinx TR – True Royalties: it is the service that allows creators to collect royalties from their original works. We are making agreements worldwide to support creators to get True Royalties and increase their profits, optimizing their Intellectual properties.

LutinX LR – Live Royalties: it is the service that allows creators to collect royalties from their live performances (of their original works). Please check with your collecting agency if this service is compatible with them – About Italy law, only artists who are not registered with SIAE can use this service.
LutinX chose to offer this service for free. Our basic licenses include unlimited registrations, more than 2Gb of encrypted storage for a single user, more than 500 blockchain transactions per year, and more.
Customized or Special services are available in our shop.
LutinX works on license base solutions for SBE, Enterprises, and Institutions.
We believe knowledge belongs to everyone and so so support our free services as an investment for the society we live together.


LutinX allows you to associate a given date with the existence of any digital document by generating a proof of anteriority that gives you legally valid proof of authorship for any digital work. The proof of anteriority is valid as proof of authorship provided that there is no evidence previously produced by others, which conflicts with it. We encourage you to register even just the draft of your digital work, and then eventually “evolve” the deposit with a new timestamp once you have the final version: in fact, the sooner you certify the authorship of a creative work, the better.

The proof of anteriority consists of the notarization of your work generated when you register the digital data. By owning this declaration you can prove the anteriority of your deposit for 20 years, independently of LutinX. Every account can download the certified file.

The LutinX service can be used by students, professors, artists, creatives, and anyone who wants to prove the existence of a file on a certain date. There are no restrictions or incompatibilities with third registration authorities.
On LutinX you can generate proof of evidence for any digital work, including digital works that prove “physical” works too.

As an example, you can protect music and songs, lyrics and written works, software, drawings and logos, scripts and screenplays, scientific production, architecture, and design project, graphic and visual productions, storyboards, and anything that can be subject to copyright, author’s rights, and intellectual property rights.
You can even protect your academic activities like Thesis, Research, or exercices.
LutinX allows its users to protect their works generating a legally valid proof of anteriority for the existence of a creative work, utilizing the cryptographic digital timestamping technology. During the timestamping process, the user can also choose a distribution license, e.g. “All rights reserved” or Creative Commons licenses, which compared to traditional copyright (all rights reserved) are more suitable to the possibilities of dissemination, sharing, and collective co-creation offered by the web 2.0.
At the moment of the deposit, we generate a .pdf file (authorship declaration) with all the authors’ data that you provided during the deposit procedure. We encrypt and archive original and signed files inside our system, including your authorship declaration, and we timestamp these files, legally proving their existence of them on a certain date. You can access every file every time everywhere. Nobody (not even us) could include a different authorship declaration without you noticing it immediately.

Since the generated timestamp is valid only when presented together with the original file (as the two files are digitally binded by a cryptographic, legally valid procedure that cannot be falsified), you can be sure that the work is registered in your name and of the co-authors that you possibly have indicated, and that therefore your authorship is protected.

PAY ATTENTION that the only CRITICAL point is that you, and all the other authors if present, MUST conclude the KYC process for your account. If you do not conclude it, your identity cannot be certain and anyone else can get a legal advance on this error. The KYC process is free in LutinX.
  1. LutinX will never make your works public without your consent, and this includes when your subscription ends or your account is removed.
  2. LutinX certifies the date of deposit with a cryptographic procedure and timestamping system legally recognized in all of Europe and 172 countries all over the world.
  3. You keep control over the works you register, and over your rights.
  4. Your work gets timestamped instantaneously, and after the deposit, you can verify that the proof of anteriority has been generated with the author names that you have indicated.
  5. You can update your records everywhere and anytime directly from your account.
  6. Your proof of anteriority can be used independently from LutinX.
  7. Keeping your works also on LutinX servers you can benefit from multiple backup levels that keep your works and proofs of anteriority safe, without running the risk of losing them in case your local copy gets lost or corrupted.
  8. We work for the community and you do not have to pay to protect your data.
LutinX offers three accounts: Private, Business, and Institutional.

Every account can be activated with a few clicks, but we suggest you conclude the KYC Process. The KYC process will grant you proof of work for every activity processed on LutinX.
Using an UN-Verified account can limit your experience with us, and reduce access to services and applications.
All LutinX accounts do not expire, and we’ll continue to keep safe your data. If you want to delete your account you can do it directly from your Profile Menu.
If you activate the same service at payment, these services could be renewed every year to continue to work regularly. Anyway, no loss of data will come if you do not renew it.
After your account will be KYC Verified, you can choose your pseudonym or stage name.

The pseudonym must be free, and not already used by any LutinX members.


Currently, we developed two different kinds of badges:

  • The first one is designed to confirm a person’s identity inside a company or an association or define the signature power.
  • The second is designed for SKILL traceability. This second badge is integrated inside the “The Booklet” application.

Every L.Badge for Skills is verifiable, portable and every user can share it on every kind of social media.
Every “the booklet’s badge” embedded metadata about skills and achievements, a description of the related event, and the exact reference of both legal parts, like the identified training center and the student.

In LrxCulture, we identified four actors:

The Trainer Expert – A user that creates his Brand inside LutinX’s world and build/issue Badges to employers or students.

The Participant – The user that receives the badge. Every badge is issued only to identified people, that filled the KYC procedure correctly.

The Inspector – A user who can import, aggregate, and verify “the booklet’ badges” after the delegate received from the Trainer Expert. Usually are Institutions who finance the training activity.

LutinX Platform – We are the main Public Structure that guarantees the system and our recipients’ identity.

What is the life-circle of “The Booklet”?

Two pillars define The Booklet, Identity, and Blockchain Technology.
Around them, we made this life-circle:
1) A new Trainer joins the LrxCulture project;
2) The KYB process for the Trainer is completed;
3) The Trainer activates his license and set up his public identity;
4) The Trainer creates the Event, adds references, links, images, and, more importantly, assigns the Skills.
5) The Participants join his Event;
6) The Trainer registers their presence on the Blockchain network inside the Booklet;
7) The Trainer creates the badges for one single participant or multiple of them. One or more Blockchain transactions will occur.
8) LutinX shares the Badges first inside the participants’ Booklet and one second later to their email.

All Badges are verifiable publically like the timestamp applied. Each Badge has a special button near the participant’s name that lets everyone verified it.

The LrxCulture project uses the user verification interface, making sure of every entity registered into the system.

The legal validity of a certificate and Badge is given by the legal entity that issues them.

LutinX, to avoid misunderstandings, always clearly reports the school / university / private or public party that proceeds to issue its certificates and Badges, identifying them with the word “KYB Verified” or “Know Your Business.”


All the recipients have to identify themself directly on our platform, filling the KYC process.

This procedure is needed to confirm their identity and grant you the possibility to issue your certificate and badge to the right person.

Students receive their certificate or badge via email and access all of them every moment simply accessing their LutinX’s account.

All the Certificates and Badges are in The Booklet area (left menu, Lirax Id section).

LutinX sends certificate emails to your credential earners. You can control the appearance and other email settings through our platform.

If you have integrated with LutinX to automatically issue the certificates, the student would receive an email with a “call to action” to view their certificate. Our certificates are mobile friendly as well, so students can view them on their mobile devices.

You can issue digital certificates and badges to “face-to-face” students by adding them to LutinX the same as with any other credential record; you can add these recipients one at a time OR import a CSV file directly from your online-learning platform.

8Badges offers many opportunities of skills evidence, like:

  • Certified Resumes – A collection of 8badges grant every people to prove their skill and the job references.
  • Micro-credentials – 8Badges can be awarded to complete smaller units of study, often stackable towards a certificate or degree. 
  • Gamification – 8Badges are examples of game mechanics that give earners a sense of winning, competition, and accomplishment as they learn and apply new skills.
  • Motivation – Incremental celebration and recognition of employee growth motivate professionals to commit to professional growth goals in real-time.

The Booklet’ Badges can be used to recognize any kind of achievement in any setting across the different stages of an individual’s life.

They have already been adopted internationally and are being used to recognize both accredited and non-accredited learning in formal, informal, and non-formal settings.

Each Badge and Certificates can be shared from the receiver to third people, companies, or institutions. In this way, they can identify the real talentbased on competency and attitude. 

Whit The Booklet, we help employers and educators match individuals with non-traditional experiences to relevant opportunities.

The Booklet references are an alternative way for learners to validate their skills and achievements and share them with employers.


No. Our agreements clearly state that we’re not able to share your data with any third party that’s not bound by our data privacy agreement and that isn’t named on our data privacy agreement.

You’re always able to remove the data you’ve provided to LutinX from our platform.

Yes – we aim to make this as easy as possible. You can export your credential data as a spreadsheet, your analytics data as a spreadsheet, and your certificates as PDFs at any time, and we don’t charge a fee for you to do that.

You can also submit a request at any time if you’d like LutinX to remove data that you’ve provided to our platform.

The participation at events you assigned to recipients will remain on our platform accessible to the final identified recipient. The same for the certificate you issued.

We will keep your credentials live in perpetuity so that your credential recipients will be able to retrieve them, and links they’ve received or shared will not break. You can come back to your account at any point and pick up where you’ve left off.


All plans are for one calendar year. Unused allowance expires after 1 year from the beginning of your plan.

All self-serve plans are billed yearly. We do have more flexibility on payment terms if you are spending more than €10,000 per annum.

You pay only for the plan level of your choice and any add-on features you’ve selected. You can buy directly on the online shop more Blokchchain transactions.

Yes! You can create as many certificates and badges for each person as you’d like. All of them will be stored in The Booklet archive of each user.

The Badges remain active (as long as you have not put an expiration date on them). You still would have access to your platform, but any “add-on” features would be disabled, and you would no longer be able to issue new digital credentials.

All your recipients will continue to access them directly from their account.

NO. LutinX do not apply any additional costs to keep the certificate “live” after it is issued.

If a certificate expires though, and you need to re-issue a new one, that will reduce your annual allowance unless you’ve already issued to that recipient in the same year.