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The LrxCulture is a Project promoted by LutinX Inc. that exists to serve all its partners and final users. 

Becoming part of LrxCulture means bring benefits to all your eco-system and every people around you.

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Whether you’re a teaching professional or a training center, a student trying to find a partner to work with, an institution looking to explore and join our partner ecosystem, or an existing LutinX partner who wants to log in to our secure website – you’ve come to the right place!

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Regardless of your company size or industry – our partners can help you manage, build, implement, service, support, and run the LrxCulture solutions that best fit your unique needs. Find a trusted professional to work with today.

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LrxCulture's complete portfolio of industry-leading solutions and award-winning partner program will help you win more students and revenue for your existing business. Browse our partnering opportunities today.

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Boost students' confidence in the innovative applications you've built to run on LrxCulture technology with a LutinX and LutinX Certification Center certification – an official seal of approval from LutinX.

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If you're an existing LutinX partner, you can log in to the website to access exclusive sales and marketing tools, events, solution information, support, demos, education, benefits, and more. Get the chance!

100 million reasons to join LutinX

A LutinX study predicts that our partners are projected to generate nearly $100 million in net-new revenues over the next five years. Join us to capture your piece of the action. 

With LutinX’s partner economy opportunity projected to double by 2026, there is no better time to become a LutinX partner. LutinX’s leading technology platforms, enriched and extended by your unique IP, delivered in the cloud and powered by the advanced applications, represents the opportunity of a generation.

Intelligent enterprises operate with visibility, focus, and agility to achieve game-changing outcomes. They do more with less and empower employees through process automation. They deliver a best-in-class customer experience by proactively responding to customer expectations. They invent new business models and revenue streams.

Our strategy is to deliver an intelligent plan for our customers so they can achieve their desired results. But we can’t do it alone. Only when we join forces with businesses like yours can we deliver on the promise to help our customers create smart, best-run businesses that help make the world run better.

LrxCulture Project is available in four ways

We grow together, we grow allied. These are our great plan:


Edu-Partners are the Education and Training Center that would like to let every member access Blockchain and AI’s power, easily and immediately. The Booklet is part of it.


Affiliates believe in our project, focused on creating a European, African, and Indian standard for education and training activities. The best practice, everywhere.


Allied Membership is primarily focused on strategic organizations that would like to build a long term collaboration with us, with a co-branding vision.

Benefit's Summary

A direct explanation of the benefits we offer for the raising of our project.

Access Public informations YES
Public License for Badge Sharing YES
Access to the certified Resume folder YES
Special ticketing area for Technical Questions YES YES YES
Access to the Members' Area YES YES YES
Access GDPR information area YES YES YES Access to Joint Marketing Areas (blog, webinars...) YES
Access Testing and Preview Area YES YES YES
Special Discount on LrxCulture Training activities YES YES YES
Ability to create Events YES YES YES
Ability to write third booklet' accounts YES YES YES
Access to 10 Standard Badges YES YES YES
Prefered Access to Preview Events YES YES
Prefered Access to Technical Specifications YES YES
Attend and Participate to National meeting YES YES
Events Fees Discount YES YES
Access to 40+ Badges YES YES
Access to technical resources YES
Eligibility to rappresent LrxCulture to public meetings YES
Join Application Development with LutinX YES
Access to annual strategic webinar with Institutions YES
Develop Marketing products for every Member YES
Logo & Profiles informations shared to every LrxCulture Events YES
Access GDPR information area YES YES YES Access to Joint Marketing Areas (blog, webinars...) YES

LrxCulture members
are co-creating the future of edu-tech.
Join us.

Annuals' Fees

A direct explanation of the benefits we offer for the raising of our project.
If your organization does not belong to the categories presented here, please contact us at

Org. TypeOrg. SizePartnerAffiliateAllied
Schools <2'000 Students €300 €500 €1'000
Schools <10'000 Students €300 €750 €2'000
Schools >10'000 Students €300 €950 €3'500
University <5M turnover €500 €1'000 €3'000
University >5M turnover €750 €1'500 €5'000
University >20M turnover €1'000 €2'500 €7'500
Private Centers <100K turnover €950 €1'250 €2'500
Private Centers <500K turnover €1'250 €2'500 €3'500
Private Centers <2M turnover €1'750 €3'500 €4'500
Private Centers >2M turnover €2'000 €4'500 €7'500

A unique life-experience wallet

Let your beneficiaries see all of their badges, certificates, work experience, and educational background in one place, KYC Verified with a legal timestamp, provided by LutinX Blockchain TSP.

Be Social

Give your trainees and employees a credential they would like to share and track their journey on social media. Find out how much you can save on marketing.

Marketing tools

Let LrxCulture's applications, like badges, do your advertisement for you. Have a detailed report on the sharing numbers and the reached audience for every badge or event you'll create.

Skill analizer

We are creating day by day advanced trending skills for every audience. With our library, you can know the most relevant, control your education data, and develop the best offer.


Integrate The Booklet system inside your job procedures. Advanced importation tools let you manage your preferred learning platform without loose tracks and recipients' presence.

Robust Products

Blockchain Credentials transform the society. LrxCulture offers the best product features and functionality to help organizations and SBE meet their goals. FULL license included in the membership fee.

Membership Support

LutinX has an entire team focused on customer and member success that brings expert guidance, best practices, and ongoing support to every implementation.

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