we value your skills

We are the first European & African Project that promotes the education-to-work system with an integrated Blockchain & AI platform.

LrxCulture moves easily

From the heart of Europe, in Switzerland, to all Europe. From West to East Africa, and soon more!

Digital Innovation

Based on the LutinX Platform, all the valuable products are integrated into a simple place. Every one of our users can have native access to the Blockchain technology.

Free for users

Students, Employers, Professors, Public officers, and every kind of people access all these services for FREE. LutinX works for a better and trusted society.

Your SafeBox

With LrxCulture, you get a unique place where you archive all your goals and skills. Your value can be proved and shared easily with everyone you want.

Your Anchor

A confirmed digital ID, a safe box for every skill, a powerful instrument to empower your digital life everywhere. We move internationally.

badge models

Why Choose us

We are the new European Alliance for Education & Culture.

Educational &Training Centers

Together to win future challenges. Let your center to provide an international standard to every participant of you. You’ll get great benefits, and the students will choose you to respect the older schools.

We are International

LitinX Inc. manages the standardization process of our initiatives. We are working with Institutions in more than 12 countries to let our job be accepted and recognized everywhere.

We are KYC & AML Compliance

Every private user or Educational and training Center is identified through an Internation Procedure that guarantees all of us about each identity. No Crypto assets are needed to access the blockchain technology we offer.

We use Blockchain & AI

The system uses Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Biometric instruments, and Machine learning applications to better user experience. Everything in the same place, no extra-costs.

No more fake-resumes

Thanks to the KYC process, which identifies all the participants to the ecosystem (Schools & students) and our simple private-public exportation system, every declared skill can be easily verified by the HR officer. No more fake resume with "The Booklet" application.

No more "Apostillas"

KYC is for everyone. All the members of LrxCulture can easily verify every kind of badge, and more critically, the identity of all the parts. So no more legal statements are needed when students more around the world or change regions.

1000+ opportunities

Moreover, all your students can have special access to all the LutinX's world of applications. In this way, every person connected to you can start using Blockchain every day, with a special Educational Pack.

"Education to work" system

The certificates and badges can be verified in real-time. The same system is fully accessible to enterprises, government institutions, and no-profits associations—no more fake resumes.

LrxCulture enpower your knowledge

LrxCulture is conceived not only for the scholastic or academic world, but also for all the structures that make and spread Culture in the full sense of the term, embracing neighboring and connected sectors, such as Tourism, Sport, Environment, and the Society in general.

LrxCulture is the Europe and Africa joint project to let evaluate people around more than 80 countries.

This project’s heart is “The Booklet,” an integrated application where our Partners and Allied can write to the peoples inside our ecosystem. Everyone else from his/her personal account, collect reports, presences, activities, certificates, badges, and more! Translated in 8 languages is the key to a future job.

The Booklet

A personal Archive inside every user account for storing your important event. A passoport for a better and successful life.The Booklet is a personal archive inside every user account for storing meaningful life’ events. It is a passport for a better and successful life.
Let your educational and training structure offer this possibility to every student of yours.

Everyone can use LrxCulture

LrxCulture offers the possibility to use real Blockchain applications for Free or at a special price. LutinX believe in the Culture, so we created superior solutions for different groups of people, like


From the secondary school

Develop your analytical skills using the best analytics software and tools. We support students interested in learning and using LutinX technologies through a number of popular programs, including free LutinX software, free training, opportunities for recognition and more.

Independent Learners

No phisical frontiers

Not affiliated with a college or university? No problem. Sharpen your analytical skills on your schedule with free access to LutinX applications. Use it for everything from introductory statistics to quantitative methods in self-directed learning.


The professionals

Help your students gain in-demand skills, and keep your own analytical skills at the forefront of the digital age. From free teaching materials, to valuable support services, to professional development opportunities, to free and low-cost LutinX software options, we provide you with everything needed to teach a LutinX course and keep your own skills sharp.

Academic Researchers

Skills and Intellectual Property

Focus on tackling key problems and supporting your institution’s research priorities. We offer academic researchers access to powerful LutinX Analytics to extract deeper meaning and insights from large amounts of disparate research data collected from multiple sources, in multiple formats – quickly and easily.

Are you a school, a training center, a sports or a musical academy ? Or again, a museum, a library… Join us.
You can provide to every user of you the possibility to register their skills with your BOOKLET references.